COVID-19 Update: Jan. 18, 2021

Murrieta Ranch COVID-19 Update:
With much debate and consideration of the feedback we’ve received from some medical personnel in our community, Murrieta Ranch parents, and the staff, we have decided to remain closed until Monday, Feb. 1st. We feel that staying closed for two more weeks gives time for the growth in COVID cases to begin stabilizing after the gatherings during the holiday season. Once again, this is for the health and safety of everyone here at Murrieta Ranch. We will not be billing for the month of January, so you will only be billed for three weeks when we return to school. Thank you again for your patience and flexibility in these unprecedented times. We know many of you need childcare due to work and we will do our best to make sure we can open on the currently projected date of Monday, Feb. 1st. 

Please reach out to Alisa by call or text at 209-559-5672 if you have any questions or concerns.