Waiting List Update: May 2020

 Regarding the 2020/2021 School Year

This is specifically addressed to our “Waiting List Families.”

Unfortunately, we have had to STOP creating our classrooms for August 2020/21 due to Covid-19.

Under normal circumstances we would have begun calling our Waiting List Families to notify you of your child’s placement.  Because of the Covid-19 

Pre-School Regulations it has been impossible to create classrooms based on the traditional numbers. Traditional classroom size is 2 teachers with 24 children. The current Covid-19 classroom size i1 teacher with 12 children.

Being totally frank, “At this time I don’t want to assume we will back to traditional numbers in August. If I promised you placement and then the State requires we stay on Covid-19 numbers classroom sizes would have to be lowered significantly.”  

With this said, we are in a holding pattern and my hope would be that by sometime in June or early July we will have a confirmed idea of what Public and Private School Openings will look like. 

For the health and safety of ALL CONCERNED wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could all feel secure enough and move back to normal sooner than later.

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank you for being patient and understanding while we all are